What is Vintage?

What is Vintage?

Vintage can be anything from the 20s to 80s.  Items
100 years and older are antique so one day soon those
20s vintage items are going to be antiques.  Usually
vintage is set into decades, 20s flapper, art deco, art nouveau,
war years, 50s rockabilly, 60s retro atomic eames era, 
70s disco, 80s punk rock and many more genres.

Vintage can be nostalgic and bring back fond memories of 
a time past.  Vintage can make you fall in love with an 
era you never knew.   Quality made items by designers 
and craftsmen that all landed here from all over the world.  
Some would learn their trade and open their own 
companies.  Everyday items had fantastic design and 
were made with quality.  Owners would walk the shop
floor and know every job, not like now where a
company has a CEO sitting in an office on the other
side of the world.  

I'm a vintage and antique fashion junkie, anything from
the 1800s on up.  I'm so happy that young people are 
catching on too.  vintage rhinestone brooches are on the Paris 
runways.  Vintage clothing is bigger than it has ever been and 
can sometimes go for amazing amounts of money.  That designer
hat by Schiaparelli sitting in your granny's hat box is worth
a lot of money.  Take a look in her jewelry box, even the
costume rhinestone jewelry made by the right maker can
be worth more than her pearls.

These are the items that appeal to me, vintage hats, purses
compacts and jewelry.  I'm on the hunt for them always. 
Especially Jewelry!  When I find brooches, necklaces,
clip-on earrings, dress clips filled with rhinestones, 
cabochons, crystals, and art glass with lots of bling 
my eyes light up.  I enjoy them myself and enjoy spreading
the vintage in my shop.

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  1. Fabulous informative blog! I love vintage!

  2. I LOVE ALL THINGS VINTAGE!! great post thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love vintage pieces! Aside from their inherent style and beauty, they make me feel connected to my mom and grandmother. And that's priceless. =)

  4. Excellent comments on vintage jewelry... Loved it :)

  5. very nice article I love vintage anything too, good job Debra;0) Kindly, Patsy, brightgems