Gobble Gobble, It's Turkey Time!

Gobble Gobble, It's Turkey Time

Nothing says Thanksgiving like an incredible Turkey Dinner 
with family and good friends!  
This holiday began when Pilgrims and Native Americans 
gathered together to celebrate a successful harvest. 
It was held in the fall and was a three-day feast. 
Today, the custom continues as Americans and Canadians 
celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for all they have.  
The traditional feast includes a turkey along with other 
delicious sides and desserts. This platter makes a great table 
wall hanging or centerpiece for the holiday's festivities.

This huge Thanksgiving or Christmas Holiday Turkey Platter has 
Tom Turkey in the center with fruit and foliage edging. 
It weighs 4 lbs. and measures 19L x 14W x 2H. It has a deep well 
with mock handles. The colors are autumn browns, reds, 
green & gold on an ivory background. The back rim has 
been drilled and has a secure hanging wire. 
Shipping weight and size: 7 pounds in a 22 x 16 x 4 inch box.

You can find this amazing item and many others at Paula's Barntiques   
or visit her on twitter at @barntiques859

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