The Happy Hipster Holiday

The Happy Hipster Holiday

Dressing Hipster…Layering or wearing things that don’t 
match together is very hipster, it’s that “ I can’t be bothered” 
look that actually takes some planning! The new 
age genre of hipsters are typically in their 20’s to mid 30’s. 
Current hipsters tend to be well educated and choose their 
careers around music, art, or in the fashion industry. 
Being hipster is not only how you dress but an attitude as well.

Hipsters don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie & 
Fitch although those stores do offer many “Hipster” looks, 
real hipsters are shopping online vintage clothing stores 
and thrift shops to hone their look and belief in 
supporting small mom & pop businesses and charities 
rather than large corporations.

Access to nearly every retro vintage shop in the world 
via online makes finding unique edgy styles, colors 
and non-conformist fashions is easy for today’s hipster! 
What a great way to support local Indie artists and shout 
out to the world “I’m Unique” I don’t wear glaring 
logo’s all over my clothing and handbags that were 
made in 3rd World sweatshops! I care about the environment, 
I care where my money is going! In today’s economy being 
thrifty is in vogue, living within our means is essential and 
having respect for things of the past…recycling, re-using, 
re-purposing and upcycling perfectly usable clothing 
into works of art….

Hmmmm I wonder what the next generation will think 
when these iconic masterpieces end up in thrift shops 20 years 
from now?  I suspect the hipster trend will have come 
around full circle again. I wish I would have had the 
forethought to save my hippie clothes from the 70’s cause 
I’m stuck in the 70’s and I can’t get out! 
Thank goodness for online shopping, 
I haven’t been to the mall in years!

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Peace, Debbi

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  1. Great post! I love that shirt!
    Does that make me a Hipster? lol!