Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In Loving Memory of our Heroes


Memorial Day is a time to 
remember those loved ones 
who lost their lives 
fighting for our country.  

It is a time to recognize family 
and friends who have given 
their greatest sacrifice 
so that we can live free in 
peace and happiness. 

So many have died
fighting to protect us 
and Memorial Day 
is a National Holiday 
to remember and 
Honor our Heroes

This year Memorial Day
is on Monday, May 26, 2014

Holiday Headquarters
would like to encourage you
to thank our veterans 
and service men and women
for helping to protect us
and we wish you all
a safe and 
Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Celebration of Mom

If you are a Mother-to-be, 
a Mom or a Grandmother, 
this Celebration of Mom is for you!

Mother's Day is a time to show how 
much you appreciate the unconditional 
love and care your mother has given you
since the day you were born.  

A Mother's Love never fades no matter 
how young or old their children are. 

A mother's child is very special 
to her and she works 
hard day and night
to nurture and love her 

A Mother's Love is 
never ending no matter 
how young or old her children are.

Mother's are angels 
sent from God

 Mother's teach us to love 
one another so make sure you 
show mom how much
you appreciate her.

Holiday Headquarters 
would like to wish all 
Mother's to Be, Mothers 
and Grandmothers
a very Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

For Peeps Sake, Get Crackin....

Easter is on its way! 

And Holiday Headquarters 
has tons of ideas just for you!

Peter Cottontail 
 down the bunny trail
Holiday Headquarters
where you will find 
tons of ideas 
for your favorite peeps!

Check out our "Holiday Fun" 
page for some ideas 
to fill your favorite person's
Easter basket 

Holiday Headquarters 
wishes you
and your family
a Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Luck o' the Irish

St. Patrick's Day 
is March 17th

Holiday Headquarters
thinks it could be your lucky day!
Wear this and 
the luck o' the Irish 
might follow you!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stop In the Name of Love

Valentine's Day
is a time to show
that special person 
in your life 
how very much they mean to you
and how much you love them.

It is also a perfect day
to spread love to your 
family and friends
and anyone else you may meet.

And it doesn't matter
if they are close or far
send love to them
wherever they are!

Valentine's Day
is a holiday 
to recognize the special 
people that we love,
but remember
the world needs 
more love so help 
to spread it every single day!

 Holiday Headquarters
would like to 
wish all of our 
wonderful friends
and very 
Happy Valentine's Day
and encourage you
to love one another
every day of the year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

Only a week ago 
we were counting down to Christmas, 
and soon we will be watching 
the ball drop and counting down to  
midnight, January 1, 2014 
when we can ring in the New Year!

 A New Year is a fresh start! 
A time when we can 
make resolutions and set goals
for the upcoming year!  

It is a time when we can 
look forward to new beginnings
but also a time to remember
family and good friends 
who have made 2013 special. 

As we move into a New Year,
Holiday Headquarters
would like to say 
Happy New Year 
to you and your family 
and Thank you for being
a good friend!

We wish you a New Year of
Health and Happiness,
Wealth and Wisdom,
Peace and Prosperity,
& Love and Laughter 
in the year to come!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's starting to get chilly outside 
and in some parts of the 
world snow is already falling creating 
a wonderful Winter Wonderland 
just in time to get you 
in the Christmas spirit.  

Sleigh bells are ringing, 
 the snow is glistening, 
and everyone is busy getting 
ready for the holidays. 

Boughs of Holly are being hung, 
 Christmas Trees are being decorated 
and lights are shining 
brightly into the sky. 

People are dashing from 
store to store to shop for 
the perfect gift for that 
someone special in their life. 

Homes are filled with warmth
from a glowing fireplace
 and the Joy of the season 
has filled our hearts
as we enjoy the beauty 
we have created for the holiday

Children are laughing 
with excitement
and generosity 
and the spirit of giving
encourages us to love one 
another all year long.

It is truly the 
Most Wonderful 
Time of the Year 
 stop and enjoy 
the reason for the season. 

Happy Holidays
to you and your family
From Holiday Headquarters