Trick or Treat Spooktacular

Tomb It May Concern:

It drives us batty when you are not here so we can say "Boo"

cuz we have some positively delightful fun waiting just for you.

Park your broom at the door and don't make a scene,

Let's have some fun and get into the spirit of Halloween.

Grab a costume from Holiday Decor so you can look very cool

Cuz October is so much fun when you spend it with your favorite ghoul.

Visit the Pumpkin Patch and pick the pumpkin you like most,

and Carve out some time to hang with your favorite goblins and ghosts.

The werewolves will be howling and the Harvest Moon will be shining bright

The bats will be flying overhead and the Jack-o-Lanterns will light the night.

Listen to some frightful Holiday Music and do the Monster Mash

We guarantee you it will be a graveyard smash!

Dracula and Frankenstein will be grooving to the beat

So get up off your chair and start moving your feet.

Check out the Haunted House cuz Jason and Freddy  will all be there,

Enter at your own risk and join them if you dare!

Make no bones about it, Holiday Guests are always welcome here

Stop by for a spell cuz good things are brewing so don't you fear.

Witch way will you head first to find some goodies to fill your sack?

We hope you will enjoy your stay and continue to come back.

It's a Holiday Headquarters Trick or Treat Spooktackular

and we hope you will stop by for a Coffin Break.
We have everything you need for a Happy Halloween, make no mistake.

Have a FANG-tastic Halloween!

Ghostly Greetings to you and yours,

Holiday Headquarters

Freddy Krueger Adult Costume

The Boys of Fall

The end of August marks the beginning of the football season.  Most kids are back to school by now and are anxious to support their favorite school.  Whether you are a player, a cheerleader, a band member, the school mascot or a dedicated fan, there is excitement in the air for the games to begin.  Each week will be filled with fun.  Spirit days where you rock your team's colors.  Pep rallies with big bonfires, pom pom girls, cheerleaders, and the band playing the school's fight song and all the fans singing along.  Friday night varsity football at all the local high schools and then college game day all day Saturday.  Each week a new opponent for the team to play either home or away.

Hours before the big game, the fans tailgate outside the stadium.  Barbecuing their favorite foods and hanging out with the other dedicated football fans.  Finally it is GameTime!  The fans pour into the stadium ready to watch their team play the big rivalry.

The first quarter begins with the kickoff that raises the excitement for the big game to start.  The defense is on the field.ready to stop their opponent from scoring.  A big tackle causes a fumble and now the offense takes over ready to move down the field to the endzone.  The quarterback throws a bomb down the field and the wide receiver makes a phenomenal catch in the endzone!  Touchdown!!!!!!!!  The fans go wild!

The contest continues to the end of the first half with the home team in the lead.  The players head to the locker room for a well-deserved break and to get some coaching tips from the team's head coach.  The fans get snacks and get back to their seats in time for the half time show.  The  marching band moves onto the field along with the pom pom girls and baton twirlers to entertain the fans with a well choreographed display of marching, music, and dance by talented individuals.

The cheerleaders set up a big run-through for the players, and the band members, pom pom girls and baton twirlers make a big tunnel for the team to enter onto the field ready to play the second half of the game. The teams get back on the field for more exciting action.  The cheerleaders and pom pom girls are on the sidelines motivating their fans with cheers, chants, stunts, and dances.

Offense, defense, the competition is getting intense and the fans are cheering for their team.  The game is almost over and the home team sets up a big play to try to win the game.  A fake handoff to the running back distracts the defense and the quarterback sneaks his way across the goal line to win the game!  Touchdown!!!!!!!! The final score is 28-21.  

The Boys of Fall have won their first big game of the season!  The fans are filled with excitement, jumping around!

They are loud and proud to be a fan of this great team and can't wait for next week's opponent.


Who is your favorite team?

Kenny Chesney - Boys of Fall 

Dorm Life

Millions of students are starting college this month. For many it will be their first time leaving their parent's home and venturing out on their own. Some will live with friends in apartments but many will begin their home away from home in a college dorm room. Freshman students are usually required to live on campus for at least their first year. 

Colleges and Universities have both dorms for girls and dorms for guys and some even have unisex dorms as well. Typically each building 

also known as a Hall contains several floors and each floor has many rooms on both the left and right side of a long hallway. Each room usually accommodates two people and contains two single beds, desks, and a bathroom. Some dorm rooms don't have bathrooms and the residents have a shared bathroom down the hall.  

Their is also a shared living space in the dorm where residents can go and hang out, socialize and watch television during their down time. 

The halls usually open ahead of time in order for students to get settled into their rooms prior to classes beginning. On move in day, the dorm room walls and floors are bare and the bed is just a mattress with no bedding. Many students will go shopping for their college necessities to give their dorm room the perfect decor and flair that will that represents their personality and the things they love.   New bedding, rugs, organizers, shower supplies, hot plates for quick food snacks, fan gear and so much more.  Soon it will be home sweet home for the college year. 

Care packages and Gift Cards will start for the student from their family and friends to help the starving students survive without home-cooked meals and all the comforts of home.  Energy snacks and vitamins will need to be in close proximity to keep the student punctual for class and ready to cram for the exams from each professor.    
Soon the students will be ready to tackle their schedule and handle the day to day homework and tests that will be sure to come their way.  College life will become the normal way of life for them and they will be ready to gain knowledge in order to succeed in the future.  

With all the right tools, you will be ready to conquer college dorm life and excel towards greatness!  

Welcome Back Students!


Strive for Excellence

Every year millions of children and young adults get ready to go back to school. Parents try to ensure that their children  attend school in order to learn and gain the knowledge they will need for their future. There are several things that parents can do to help teach and  encourage their children to be successful. 

First, Just as you want to dress for success when applying and starting a new job, so do children look forward to buying new school clothes and school supplies in order to look their best and be prepared as they begin the new school year 

Motivating your child to work hard in school can be the foundation for their success.  Completing their homework timely and accurately can help them feel a sense of accomplishment and teach them how to set goals and attain them just as you would at work.

Lead by example.  Show your children it is important to treat others as you would like to be treated in order to help them build better relationships with both teachers and classmates in school.

Teach your child that they can make a difference.  Help them to see the exciting possibilities ahead as they envision their future. 

Teach them to be leaders that search for innovative ways to improve their work and their life.  Teach them that mistakes and failures are just learning opportunities.  

Teach them to collaborate with others and build solid teams that enable them to move together towards a common goal.

Encourage their heart by recognizing them for good work and rewarding them for their efforts by celebrating their accomplishments no matter how big or how small.  

As children and young adults begin the new school year in K-12 or college, help to lead them towards success by instilling solid values that will inspire them to rise up and see the opportunity in each new day.