Back to School

Kids are headed back to school and ready to embrace another year of learning to read and write. We are taught at an early age to dress for success.  Each year tons of children get new school clothes to help them look their best and feel good about school.  New school supplies teach the child to be prepared and ready to get the job done.  Their new clothes and school supplies will help give them the confidence to meet their new teachers and find new friends.  They will also help give them the courage to take on the challenges of gaining knowledge year after year.  

Learning is a life-long process and doesn't just happen at school.  It is extremely important for parents to love their children and teach them about love.  Encourage your child to help other students and show appreciation for their teachers on a regular basis.  In order for a child to show love towards others, they must learn what love is and how love feels.   The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to teach your child about love because a person needs to embrace love to be willing to learn.  Teach your child to love their friends and teachers. Teach them to smile and laugh and have a positive outlook on life in order to inspire them towards greatness and be all that they can be.  Reward your child for good grades and their random acts of kindness throughout the school year. This will encourage them to continue the behavior and learn to love and spread love to everyone they meet. 

Take some words from Kid President and just Be Awesome!

Laughing all the way to the Riverbank

"It ain't like we really need a million dollar yacht cause we got an inner tube.  ..... We're laughing all the way to the riverbank. "  Summer is almost over but don't worry. Like Brad Paisley says, if you got an inner tube and a trailer hitch you can hit the Water for a little fun before it is time to end vacation or go back to work.  Take a little time to enjoy the sunshine before it is too late.  

Makin' Waves and Catchin' Rays

"Makin' waves and catchin' rays up on the roof!  On the Pontoon"
Looking for a fun way to spend the summer? Whether it is a Pontoon for floating down the river or a speed boat to fly down the lake with someone water skiing or wake boarding off the back, a boat is a perfect way to have some fun in the sun.    

Gonna be Another Flip Flop Summer

"Gonna be another Flip Flop Summer!" Summertime is the perfect time to kick off your shoes and slip on a new pair of flip flops.  Whether you are headed to the beach or out for a day of shopping or even just hanging at home,a pair of flip flops are perfect to let your feet breathe and help you stay cool this summer

Just Chillin'

"Just Chillin'! Beatin' the heat living, Soakin up every minute!" 
Does that sound like a great idea?
Are you ready to hit the Lake or River this summer?  If so, then one of these party rafts is the perfect way to kick back and relax! Whether you are spending the day floating down the lazy river or hanging out on the lake, one of these inflatable rafts is a great way to spend a summer day with friends.  

Summertime Vacations

Summertime is the perfect time to get away from the hectic day to day activities and take some time for yourself to kick back and relax.  Time to enjoy some new scenery and get some well deserved rest. Whether you travel to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Bahamas, enjoy a Cruise or take a trip to Disney World with the family, you are sure to have a great time this summer.  Holiday Headquarters has just what you need to get your reservations made so you can start planning your trip right away!

Star Spangled Specials

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, but don't you worry because Holiday Headquarters has just want to need to make sure that you will be stylin' in your Patriotic outfit.  Whether it is a cool pair of Star Spangled board shorts for the trip to the lake or a new stars and stripes T-shirt to wear and show off your American spirit while watching the fireworks!  Holiday Headquarters will having you singing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, A Yankee Doodle do or die, A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam's, Born on the Fourth of July!"