Star Spangled Specials

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, but don't you worry because Holiday Headquarters has just want to need to make sure that you will be stylin' in your Patriotic outfit.  Whether it is a cool pair of Star Spangled board shorts for the trip to the lake or a new stars and stripes T-shirt to wear and show off your American spirit while watching the fireworks!  Holiday Headquarters will having you singing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, A Yankee Doodle do or die, A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam's, Born on the Fourth of July!"

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Happy Father's Day

Holiday Headquarters would like to 
wish all the great dads out there a
Happy Father's Day!

Make a Pit-stop for Dad

Make a pit-stop for dad

Gentleman start your engines and race on over and take care of dad this Father's Day!  No matter who his favorite Nascar driver is, he will be excited to see them drafting with their dancing partners and running three-wide on the front stretch.  So if your dad is a huge Nascar fan, you should make a pit-stop for a cool Father's Day gift so when the checkered flag drops you will be with him in the Winner Circle!  

Score big with Dad

Score big with Dad

If your dad is a big time NFL fan, then a sports collectible or some new cool fan gear is the perfect Father's Day gift for good ol' dad.  You can pick something cool that represents his favorite team or favorite player and kickoff dad's day just right.   You will score a touchdown with a cool gift that will have dad celebrating in the endzone! 

Is he an adrenaline junkie?

Is he an adrenaline junkie?

Does your dad love to ride his ATV or motocross dirt bike across the trails or climb the biggest hill? Or maybe he is hoping to get the holeshot so he can race his way to a win?   Does he like to test his skills through all terrains like dirt, mud, and sand?  If so, then some new protective gear by Fox Racing, O'Neal, Thor MX, or Monster is just what dad needs to keep him safe and looking Fly on Father's Day.    

Stay out of the Penalty Box

Don't end up in the Penalty Box with Dad

Is dad an avid NHL hockey fan, who loves to watch his favorite team glide across the ice rink whizzing the puck past the goalie and into the net to score? Waiting and wondering if his team will win the Stanley Cup?  Can your dad be heard yelling "Hey Goalie, you suck!" at the television set? If so, then make sure you stay out of the penalty box this year by getting dad a special Father's Day gift that shows his loyalty to his favorite team or player.  And if you really want to go all out on dad this year, get him three cool gifts and call it a hat-trick

The Future is So Bright

The future is so bright

Since dad is always outside fixing things around the house or keeping up the yard, the sun is always shining in poor dad's eyes.  So it is time to give dad a new outlook on life, since he is the one always keeping the family's future looking so bright!  Dad will be seeing things in a whole new way on Father's day and looking oh so cool in a pair of sick shades. 

Does he like to crank up the volume?

Does he like to crank it up?

Does your dad like to rock around the clock to some oldies but goodies?  Or maybe he thinks today's music ain't got no soul and he likes that old time rock and roll?   Or maybe he likes it when the sun goes down because it makes him want to roll his windows down and cruise?  No matter what type of music your dad loves to listen to, a new car stereo system would make a perfect Father's Day gift so he can crank up the tunes and enjoy his day.

Make dad a Hero

Let him be a Hero

If your dad loves to have all the new cool gadgets, then a GoPro camera is a perfect idea for Father's Day.  He will be able to capture pictures and videos of the family doing all the things that make him smile. This waterproof camera will even allow him to film cool stuff under water.  Dad is sure to be a HERO and just might be the next YouTube sensation.    

The King of the Remote

The King of the Remote...

If your dad is known as the king of the remote in your house, then maybe it is time for a new upgrade on his television so that he can not only watch all the shows he loves but also stay in tune with all his social media apps. This TV utilizes an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi network so dad can easily access his Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and more.  The only problem then will be dad will be so relaxed you might need one for yourself.  

Give the Gift of Time...

Give the Gift of time..

Time seems to fly right by and disappear before our eyes.  So what better way to show someone you love yhem than with a brand new stylish watch that will constantly remind them of you.  A watch will not only get your favorite person to places on time, but can be a fashionable accessory to their day to day attire.  There are so many styles and colors of watches to choose from.  Some of the high-end watches are Rolex and Omega, but there are also many designer watches such as Gucci, Michael Kors, Guess, Bulova, and more that would be perfect for someone special.  The holidays a perfect occasions to spend with the ones you love because Time is precious. Don't waste it.