Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way

Many people all around the world are getting ready to celebrate Easter. Children will wake up to find that the Easter bunny has left Easter baskets for them. Many people around the world will then attend church wearing their favorite Easter dresses, bonnets, and suits, and many women will wear traditional orchid corsages as they worship and celebrate the resurrection.
 After church, family will gather together for Easter dinner 
and Easter egg hunts. 

 Planning for Easter starts early in hopes of finding the perfect Easter outfit, dyeing eggs, and finding and shopping to make some of the family's favorite recipes for the perfect Easter Dinner.  Easter Lillies, Tulips, and Daffodils make perfect gifts for whoever is hosting Easter dinner.  

So for Peeps Sake, Get Crackin! 
Holiday Headquarters has everything you need to have an EGG-scellent Easter!

Palm Sunday

Holiday Headquarters 
wishes you 
and your family a wonderful 
and blessed Palm Sunday.

May your day be filled with love and joy 
as you prepare for Easter!

Selection Sunday-

Today is Selection Sunday for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Tournament.  After weeks of hard fought games in hopes of being selected to the tourney, today is the day they get to find out their seed or spot in the bracket and who they will play.  Top teams are hoping for a number one seed so they can stay close to home for their games and start by playing lower ranked teams in hopes of making it all the way through the bracket to the championship game on Monday, April 6, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Before the championship game, 64 teams begin the tournament in hopes of making it to the Sweet Sixteen.
The remaining 16 teams battle against one another to move on to the Elite Eight.  The last eight fight to become one of the four teams to go to Indianapolis and play in the Final Four and hopefully be the last one standing to win the NCAA Basketball championship for 2015

There are many favorites expected to make it to the Final Four and some Cinderella teams waiting to spoil the Ball!  Who will they be?  We will find out today at 6pm EST when March Madness begins and two of the 64 teams hopes to make it to the big dance!  

Don't miss out!  
NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Sunday - March 15, 2015 at 6pm EST
NCAA Women's Basketball Selection Monday - March 16, 2015 at 7pm EST 

Keep Calm and Get your Green On!

St.Patrick's Day just over a week a way, but don't worry Holiday Headquarters will help you keep calm and get your green on! 

St.Patrick's Day is a celebration that originated in Ireland to honor St. Patrick, the arrival of Christianity, and the Irish heritage.  Many people celebrate St. Patrick's Day with parades and parties all decorated in green with shamrocks for luck.   

Since St.Paddy's Day is right around the corner, Holiday Headquarters has exactly what you need to help you with your  party planning so you can be sure to be decked out in green and your Irish eyes a'smiling! 

Welcome to March

February has flown right by and the 1st day of March is here.  

Several popular singers and musicians like Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Adam Levine, Angus Young, Kenny Chesney, Steven Tyler, Reba McEntire and more are all celebrating birthdays this month.  
Popular actors or sports stars like Bruce Willis, Alan Thicke, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning and more are also celebrating birthdays this month.  

March is also well-known for St.Patrick's Day which is only 16 days away as well as the beginning of the Spring Season.  
To get you in the spirit of the upcoming celebration, try you luck by entering this cool contest for a St.Patrick's Day party 
worth $250

Holiday Headquarters hopes you March through life 
with a big smile on your face!  

Special Dates in March:

March 1st-29th -MLB Spring Training
March 1st - 29th - Little League Practice
March 7th - 21st - Spring Break
March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
March 17th - NCAA March Madness Begins
March 20th - First Day of Spring
March 29th - Palm Sunday