The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

The Holiday Headquarters Team
is having a 
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

As a way to help get everyone into the spirit
of giving this holiday season, 12 sellers
from the Holiday Headquarters Team
have teamed up to give you a chance to win
our first annual "12 Days of Christmas"
promotional giveaway!
Each of the twelve sellers has graciously donated 
one of their fabulous items from their store.

The winning participant will receive all 12 items 
valued at over $300 delivered direct to their door 
just in time for Christmas!  

In order to win you must follow the following set of rules:

1. If you aren't already, follow the sellers listed below, 
 on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

2. Beginning Dec. 1st, visit the Holiday Headquarters Blog
to find out who the featured seller of the day is.

3. Watch for Twitter Tweets or Facebook Posts 
or Pinterest Pins from anyone of the 12 sellers 
with clues on where to find that day's winning answer.

4.  Visit the Seller's store to try to locate the day's 
winning answer based on the clues provided.

5. Return to the Holiday Headquarters Blog at and 
leave two separate comments on that day's post.  
One with the URL of the winning answer
and a second one that says
"I want to win the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway" 

6.  Repeat steps 2-5 each of the 12 days 

The first person to get all 12 answers correct wins
all 12 prizes  shown below including
shipping them directly to your front door.

If you miss a day for any reason, 
visit the blog for possible clues 
for the previous day's answer.

Anyone can participate, however, 
items will be shipped to US and Canada only.
Therefore, must have a valid address 
in the U.S. or Canada to ship the items to.

All answers will be reviewed and the winner
will be announced on Friday, December 14, 2012

Interchangeable set Pendant and Earrings 
by gr8byz valued at $30.00

Beautiful Holly and Berries Bracelet Bracelet 
is made with Metal Silver chain, Silver finish Toggle, 
Czech 6mm Ruby Faceted crystal Beads, And 
Beautiful Holly Leaf Beads Valued at $20.00
@MadeByTammy on Twitter

 Vintage Westmoreland Old Quilt 
Sugar and Creamer

Glowing Red MOP Necklace & Earring Set 
by NorthCoastCottage

Large Vintage Clear Rhinestone Snowflake Brooch 
- 40s Bright clear rhinestones set in silvertone. 
Minor wear on silvertone at back but front is great. 
A great design with the arms stretching out, 
 the ultimate Snowflake Brooch from the 40s. 
2 1/4 inches centre stone is just over 1/4 inch
Valued at $28.00

 @GRANDFINERY on Twitter
Grand Vintage Finery on Etsy 

 Cute Vintage Japan Strawberry 
Salt and Pepper Shakers and Jam Pot

Traditional Matrioshka Maiden Russian Nesting Doll 
Classic 7 piece Semenov matrioshka doll featuring 
the characteristic bright red flowers and 
traditional yellow scarves. Handmade in Russia. 
Height of the biggest doll is 6.5 inches 
Valued at $29 

Pair Custom Made Boudoir Shams
12" x 16" - Ralph Lauren Fabric "Meadow Way"
  250 Thread Count - 100% Cotton

Bohemian chic handmade long necklace 
and matching earrings.  Natural turquoise stone 
flat pendant surrounded by glass dichronic beads, 
teardrop shaped turquoise, red coral beads, 
abalone, and painted boho wood beading. 
The necklace is re-purposed from various broken 
vintage jewelry and re-designed by me into 
this Hippie chic necklace & earring set. 
The pierced hooks in the earrings are sterling silver. 

Red Floral and Crystal Bracelet 
with European and Ceramic Large Hole Beads
Valued at $28.00

Braided Seed Bead Necklace
With Matching Earrings
Valued at $20.00

Salernos Jewelry Store on Ecrater

Jessica Simpson Solid Red Maggie Clutch Handbag 
Valued at $39.99

Good Luck and Happy Holidays 
from The Holiday Headquarters Team!

12 Days of Christmas

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

What could be under 
your Christmas Tree this year?

When Santa Claus Comes To Town

Christmas is Near 
But don't you fear!
We will have your details 
right here!

Stay Tuned!

SHHHHHH Don't Tell Anyone!

Don't tell anyone but a 
big announcement is coming soon!

Stay tuned for details 
you won't want to miss this!

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Six Reasons for Buying Collectibles and Antiques

Six reasons for buying collectibles and antiques 

Just about everybody has some sort of collection. 
They vary from Highly expensive collectibles and antiques, 
to comic books or Pez Candy dispensers . And, for our children, 
a collection of both smooth and rough rocks from all the 
yards in the neighborhood. There are many reasons to collect 
these treasures. My mother and father started 
collecting Lladros and Hummels many years back. I think they 
really enjoyed having them around the house. After my father died, 
my mother started buying dolls. Not just a few dolls either. 
Over the last 20 years, she has filled up her living room 
with at least 300 dolls. 

 1. A lot of people collect for sentimental reasons. They 
find something that reminds them of a loved one or of 
their childhood. A lot of these items get passed down from 
generation to generation and at some point, they find their 
way into the open market for another antiquarian of the 
old and ornate items from the past.

2. Many love to to find antiques to restore and then 
to resell. They look for items that need some love and attention 
to get them looking like they were originally intended be. 
Others like to restore them to another state as an expression 
of their interpretation of what an item should look like. 
Repurposing has become huge for those with the imagination 
and skills to turn a vintage suitcase into a pet bed or an 
antique cart into a coffee table.

3.Some collectors love the chase or the find.  If you have ever 
watched shows like American Pickers, you can feel the thrill of 
the hunt as Mike and Frank forage all over the country looking 
thru barns and garages for that great find or treasure. I myself 
spent some time perusing thru storage locker auctions.  
I can tell you how exciting it was finding that something 
special, buried behind all those boxes of broken furniture 
in a 10 X 30 tin room. 

4. Collecting as a hobby.  While some just collect in their 
free time, many don't even buy. They just enjoy seeing 
what's offered and learning about the history of these items 
and what country they originally came from.  Then, they love 
to pass that information on to others.  I was having a garage sale 
a few years back and I had this German beer stein that was a 
gift many years back.  I had the stein out there for sale.  This lady 
was looking at it and she asked me how much.  I told her $5 and 
she brought it up to me and showed me the maker's mark.  
She gave me a history lesson of what it was and what it 
meant and told me that I should be able to get a good price for it.  
So, I put it away and later that night, I did some research on it.  
I ended up listing it on eBay and sold it for $100. 
That was my very first online sale

5. Decorating with antiques and collectibles is very 
popular and stylish.  Finding just that right antique to go 
in that nook or filling that curio with your favorite collectibles is 
both fun and fashionable.

6.  Going green?  Well, maybe.  Much of the antique furniture 
that is out there is very well built and can last for many years.  
A lot of buyers feel that by using these antiques,they are 
helping the environment when they reuse and repurpose 
old furniture.  However, in searching for these items, 
they may be leaving a bigger carbon footprint. Buying from 
an online seller can help reduce that by letting you find 
just about any antique or collectible without driving 
all over the country searching.

Whatever your reason for buying and collecting these treasures, 
they continue to grow in popularity and can now be found 
online in abundance and at bargain prices.
David Rayor
Monet Court

You can learn more about these collectibles and antiques at 
or you can find great items to purchase at Monet Court on eBay 
You can also visit him on Twitter at @MonetCourt

Time Flies

Time Flies When You are Spreading Good Cheer!

One year ago this week, we opened our store on Ebay!  
We began with only a few items and tried to learn the trials 
and tribulations of selling online!  We had to take a crash 
course on how to list items and ship them to our customers 
because we had never sold online prior to that.  We remember 
seeing our first watchers on an item and getting so excited 
that someone was interested in our products.  We sold our 
first item on November 22, 2011 and we started 
seeing more items sell as the holiday season was nearing.  

It was so exciting that we continued to find more items to list 
in our store.  We soon found that we could download the 
Ebay App to our phones, and it was an easy way 
keep track of what sold.    We added the "Dukes of Hazard" 
General Lee horn ring tone as the notification of a sold item 
and every time that horn went off, what a rush!  
We would laugh and grin from ear to ear 
and it was great motivation!

We began getting so much positive feedback from our customers.  
One time we were able to get a special gift to a father just in time 
for his little girl for Christmas!  It really makes you feel special 
when you can deliver a smile to someone's face.  We remember 
our first international sale as well.  It was three pairs of Guess 
slippers to a gentlemen in Germany.  He was so happy with his 
purchase and again we were thrilled that we actually sold 
and shipped an item internationally.   

Soon we moved into the social media arena as a way to 
continue marketing our products.  We opened a Facebook 
account and a Twitter account and started posting and tweeting 
our items.  Every new Facebook friend request and Twitter 
follower was so exciting.  Again, we had to give ourselves a 
crash course in how to use these media tools.   We remember 
the first time one of our items was re-tweeted and how 
awesome that made us feel.  We were so thankful that 
someone would want to do that for us. They had so many 
more followers than we ever imagined that we could have!  

Today, we have become a Top Rated Plus Seller on Ebay 
with a 100% positive feedback.  We have Facebook, Twitter, 
and Pinterest accounts and several other social media 
applications.  Because of our own struggles to build a 
successful small business, we try hard to "Pay It Forward" 
to others that are just beginning as well.  We love to 
Re-tweet, Mention, and give Shout-outs to many of our 
friends, customers, and future acquaintances.  
As a way to help promote small businesses 
and enjoy the holidays, we created this 
Holiday Headquarters Blog for everyone to enjoy.  

So if you are thinking about opening an online store, 
remember with social media at our disposal, 
anything is possible.  Together we can all be successful!

Overall, it has been an incredible ride 
and we can't wait for the years to come!

Wishing all of our customers and friends a
very happy holiday season!

From P & S Southwest Styles

The Happy Hipster Holiday

The Happy Hipster Holiday

Dressing Hipster…Layering or wearing things that don’t 
match together is very hipster, it’s that “ I can’t be bothered” 
look that actually takes some planning! The new 
age genre of hipsters are typically in their 20’s to mid 30’s. 
Current hipsters tend to be well educated and choose their 
careers around music, art, or in the fashion industry. 
Being hipster is not only how you dress but an attitude as well.

Hipsters don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie & 
Fitch although those stores do offer many “Hipster” looks, 
real hipsters are shopping online vintage clothing stores 
and thrift shops to hone their look and belief in 
supporting small mom & pop businesses and charities 
rather than large corporations.

Access to nearly every retro vintage shop in the world 
via online makes finding unique edgy styles, colors 
and non-conformist fashions is easy for today’s hipster! 
What a great way to support local Indie artists and shout 
out to the world “I’m Unique” I don’t wear glaring 
logo’s all over my clothing and handbags that were 
made in 3rd World sweatshops! I care about the environment, 
I care where my money is going! In today’s economy being 
thrifty is in vogue, living within our means is essential and 
having respect for things of the past…recycling, re-using, 
re-purposing and upcycling perfectly usable clothing 
into works of art….

Hmmmm I wonder what the next generation will think 
when these iconic masterpieces end up in thrift shops 20 years 
from now?  I suspect the hipster trend will have come 
around full circle again. I wish I would have had the 
forethought to save my hippie clothes from the 70’s cause 
I’m stuck in the 70’s and I can’t get out! 
Thank goodness for online shopping, 
I haven’t been to the mall in years!

Serving all Hipsters Worldwide 
take a peek into The Happy Hippie Shack
or visit her on twitter @happyhippyshack

Peace, Debbi