Bieber Fever


Bieber Fever

47,286,854 likes on Facebook and 
29,837,906 followers on twitter!  
 Is it Elvis Presley?  
No, It is the one and only pop icon, 
Justin Bieber!

Music lovers everywhere line up for the opportunity to attend 
his concerts and hear him sing.  Teenage girls can be found 
screaming for Justin at his concerts only hoping that they might be 
able to touch his hand or even better meet him. Justin Drew Bieber 
is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor from 
Canada.  Bieber was discovered in 2008 by an American talent
 manager that found Bieber's videos on You Tube.  In 2009, 
he was 15 and on the brink of stardom.  In April of 2010, 
Justin Bieber's second single from his debut album, 
"My World 2.0"  was released.  The Song "Somebody to Love" 
became a hit.  He also released a remix version of the song 
featuring his mentor Usher.Today, the fans totals are still 
astounding and teen girls everywhere are hoping to find 
Justin Bieber gear under their Christmas Trees! 

His fans have Bieber Fever 
and are dreaming of a Bieber Christmas not a White Christmas!

 Justin Bieber Singing "Somebody to Love" on X-Factor

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