Holiday Weddings


Holiday Weddings

Many people decide to have their weddings during the holiday season
because family may already be traveling to visit.  
Holiday Weddings can be elegant and take advantage of all the wonderful holiday decorations that may already be available.  This incredible pearl bracelet is a perfect touch to a perfect wedding outfit.  It is perfect because it fulfills the something blue part of the traditional saying " Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" that has become a wedding custom for good luck.

This bracelet has two strands of glowing white pearls united with a faceted oval Tanzanite gemstone that is set in sterling silver filigree. 
Pure elegance, but so easy. Tanzanite is known as "the gem of good fortune," and it is believed that the relatively recent rising of this stone to the planet's surface is bringing a tremendous awakening of the heart energies of humanity. According to African folklore, Tanzanite helps relax intense individuals who deal with pressure on a regular basis, allowing them to lead more productive, healthier lives; it also helps keeps them more organized and sensitive to others around them. Nothing could be more perfect on a hectic Wedding Day!

You can find this lovely bracelet at North Coast Cottage on Etsy
or visit them on twitter at @morninglaurie

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