More Clues Just for You

"Do You Love Me"
Valentine's Day Giveaway Clues

There are a total of 21 letters
that make up the answer.  

There are three previous posts each with 
seven of the item clues for the letters 
that make up the answer.

The answer is four words.

The second word has 10 letters.

The last word rhymes with sun.

The third word is part of a calendar. 

 Remember the more entries to the giveaway, 
the better your chances to win 
one of ten fabulous prizes
and if you can't do every task right away, 
you can always return later before the time 
expires for additional chances to win! 



  1. I love Valentine's Day because I love giving to the people I love!

  2. I love the romance and whimsy of Valentine's! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!