Do You Love Me Giveaway Hints

"Do You Love Me"
Valentine's Day Giveaway Clues


There are a total of 21 letters
that make up the answer.  

There are three previous posts each with 
seven of the item clues for the letters 
that make up the answer.

The answer is four words.

The second word has 10 letters.

The last word rhymes with sun.

The third word is part of a calendar. 

The first word rhymes with sappy 
like really romantic love song.

There are four vowels in 
the second word.

In order to win you must follow the following set of rules:

Use the tool below to perform the tasks listed
The more tasks completed the better your chances 
to win one of these items

The first task on the list is mandatory and worth 5 points.

The first task is a Word Scramble Game
 Watch for tweets and posts of items or songs 
with clues to find each letter of the word scramble

There will be additional posts and clues 
as time grows closer to help you get the answer  

Go to the Main Word Scramble Post on the 
Holiday Headquarters Blog at and 
leave two separate comments.  
One with the winning answer
and a second one that says
"Do You Love Me" Holiday Headquarters?

Good Luck!

 Remember the more entries to the giveaway, 
the better your chances to win 
one of ten fabulous prizes
and if you can't do every task right away, 
you can always return later before the time 
expires for additional chances to win! 


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