Coffee with a Southwestern Flair

Nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or a hot apple cider 
on a brisk morning!  

desertNOVA Mugs inspires you with their incredible 
Southwestern designs and makes your day so delightful!  
These mugs are hand-built of stoneware and fired to
over 2200 degrees.  They are perfect for hot or cold beverages,
dishwasher and microwave safe. 

 The Saquaro Catcus Design is finished in brown, tan and black accents. The top section features a classic symbol of our southwest on both sides, a beautifully defined saguaro cactus standing in the sun. The lower section is filled with spirals, the symbol of life and traveling through time. This pretty mug has a tan interior that comes up to the darker brown rkm and spills over onto the front. Approx. 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide and comfortably holds 20oz. You`ll find these mugs very comfortable to hold.
 All mugs are signed and dated. 

Len at desertNOVA Mugs worked on the potters wheel for over 30 years and returned to the basics of hand building.  They discovered that the irregularities produced by hand building contributed greatly to the uniqueness of each piece. It`s through color, texture and shape that they are able to satisfy their need for artistic expression.
Inspiried by the desert southwest 
you can find this incredible collection at desertNOVA on Etsy 
or visit them on twitter at @desertnovamugs.

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  1. Desert Nova mugs are very unique to the southwest. These would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I love the cactus design.