Black Friday Memories

Remember last year.......

........When you got out your camping gear just to go shopping?  

........When you had to sleep against the brick wall of your favorite store just to get that item you desperately needed for that special someone for Christmas!  

........Remember finding out that it didn't matter that you were the first person in line, because it was going to be a lottery drawing.  Uggghhhh!  

........Remember standing in line for hours wasting half your day all to find out that the item you wanted was no longer available because the limited quantity meant they only had five for thousands to fight over.

.......Yes folks, we're pretty sure many of you know exactly what we are talking about!  It is the highly anticipated, everyone must do it, Black Friday Event!  

...... Well this year, grab your favorite beverage and some holiday cookies and kick back in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer, ipad, laptop, tablet or android phone, and shop online all weekend without the headaches and get your items shipped right to your front door! 

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