Strive for Excellence

Every year millions of children and young adults get ready to go back to school. Parents try to ensure that their children  attend school in order to learn and gain the knowledge they will need for their future. There are several things that parents can do to help teach and  encourage their children to be successful. 

First, Just as you want to dress for success when applying and starting a new job, so do children look forward to buying new school clothes and school supplies in order to look their best and be prepared as they begin the new school year 

Motivating your child to work hard in school can be the foundation for their success.  Completing their homework timely and accurately can help them feel a sense of accomplishment and teach them how to set goals and attain them just as you would at work.

Lead by example.  Show your children it is important to treat others as you would like to be treated in order to help them build better relationships with both teachers and classmates in school.

Teach your child that they can make a difference.  Help them to see the exciting possibilities ahead as they envision their future. 

Teach them to be leaders that search for innovative ways to improve their work and their life.  Teach them that mistakes and failures are just learning opportunities.  

Teach them to collaborate with others and build solid teams that enable them to move together towards a common goal.

Encourage their heart by recognizing them for good work and rewarding them for their efforts by celebrating their accomplishments no matter how big or how small.  

As children and young adults begin the new school year in K-12 or college, help to lead them towards success by instilling solid values that will inspire them to rise up and see the opportunity in each new day.

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