Dorm Life

Millions of students are starting college this month. For many it will be their first time leaving their parent's home and venturing out on their own. Some will live with friends in apartments but many will begin their home away from home in a college dorm room. Freshman students are usually required to live on campus for at least their first year. 

Colleges and Universities have both dorms for girls and dorms for guys and some even have unisex dorms as well. Typically each building 

also known as a Hall contains several floors and each floor has many rooms on both the left and right side of a long hallway. Each room usually accommodates two people and contains two single beds, desks, and a bathroom. Some dorm rooms don't have bathrooms and the residents have a shared bathroom down the hall.  

Their is also a shared living space in the dorm where residents can go and hang out, socialize and watch television during their down time. 

The halls usually open ahead of time in order for students to get settled into their rooms prior to classes beginning. On move in day, the dorm room walls and floors are bare and the bed is just a mattress with no bedding. Many students will go shopping for their college necessities to give their dorm room the perfect decor and flair that will that represents their personality and the things they love.   New bedding, rugs, organizers, shower supplies, hot plates for quick food snacks, fan gear and so much more.  Soon it will be home sweet home for the college year. 

Care packages and Gift Cards will start for the student from their family and friends to help the starving students survive without home-cooked meals and all the comforts of home.  Energy snacks and vitamins will need to be in close proximity to keep the student punctual for class and ready to cram for the exams from each professor.    
Soon the students will be ready to tackle their schedule and handle the day to day homework and tests that will be sure to come their way.  College life will become the normal way of life for them and they will be ready to gain knowledge in order to succeed in the future.  

With all the right tools, you will be ready to conquer college dorm life and excel towards greatness!  

Welcome Back Students!


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