Downright Awesome Dude

Downright Awesome Dude

Fathers are very special in so many ways.   
And whether you call yours Father, Pops, Dad, or Daddy
they all are an amazing man who has shown us love.

Dads are role models. 
For Daddy's Little Girl, he treats her like a princess
and teaches her the value of love. 
Love he shows not only to her but to her mother as well. 

Dads are heros.
For Daddy's Little Boy, he guides him and teaches
him how to take care of the house
and shows him how to pursue his dreams.

So this year when you are buying Dad

a brand new wallet

or a brand new tie set

or a brand new pair of slippers

or anything else,
make sure to celebrate DAD
and all the special gifts he has given you!

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