Shimmering Shamrocks wishing you Good Luck

Could it be that Danica Patrick won the pole for the
2013 Daytona 500 Nascar Race
because she wears the color Green? 

Or could it be that her amazing skills and great pit crew
helped her to create her own luck? 

In life, we all have opportunities to be lucky and find our good fortune.  
 Have you ever found that lucky penny on the street
or picked a lucky four leaf clover?

Many people think that luck and good fortune
are only related to wealth. 
 For example when you hit it big on the
slot machine at the casino. 

However, there are many kinds of good luck that happen to us,
each and every day that we may take for granted.  
Things like finally finding that special item
or loved one that you have been searching for; 
Things like our health;
or Things like meeting a new friend online that
 without the internet you would have never known.

Although, Luck is usually thought to be something
that happens without warning, perhaps it could be
that in reality we have created our own good luck
and the timing of the good fortune
appears to be without warning. 

In reality, we are all lucky! 
Lucky to be alive, Lucky to be in love
and lucky to have good family and friends!

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