Leaping Leprachauns wishing you Good Fortune

Luck o' the Irish

A Leprechaun is usually an short old man
with a beard who wears a green coat and hat,
 and likes to dance the Irish Jig. 
They are like a type of fairy from Irish Folklore. 

The irish jig is a form of dance where they hop
on each foot and appear to leap in the air. 

The Fiddler's Irish Jig

Dick Solberg and the Sun Mountain Band play
an Irish Jig at Latitude 18 on St. Patrick's Day.

 If  a Leprechaun is captured by a human,
 they can use a magical power to exchange three wishes
granted for their release.

Leprechauns make shoes and keep all of their
gold coins in a hidden pot of Gold. 

The legend says that the pot of Gold
 can be found at the end of a rainbow. 

Keep Calm and Get your Green on! 
Holiday Headquarters is ready
to bring some LUCK to you!

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