Couldn't believe it! They Flew off the Sleigh......

This time of year, Parents are headed to the mall to take the children to visit Santa so they can tell him what they want for Christmas.  Oh boy, do I remember doing that!  I remember one year I wanted a Baby Tender Love doll for Christmas and my brother wanted some cowboy boots.  

That is exactly what we told Santa we wanted most of all.  We thought for sure that is exactly what we were going to get too. Christmas morning came and we all sat around the Christmas tree and start to share our gifts.  My brother unwrapped one but it was a hot wheels track not cowboy boots.  I unwrapped a present and it was an easy bake oven. Pretty awesome but definitely not a Baby Tender Love Doll.  We finished unwrapping all of our presents, and forgot to check to see if Santa had eaten his cookies and drank his milk that we left for him.  We ran to the table to check, and sure enough he ate the cookies, drank the milk and left us a letter.  The letter said that there were so many good kids that year that his sleigh was piled high with gifts.  He said that when he hit Denver he ran into some bad weather and the Baby Tender Love doll and the Cowboy boots that were supposed to come to our house flew right out of the sleigh!!!  He said that he was so very sorry that nothing like this had ever happened to him like that before and he would be sure to talk to the elves about their loading techniques.  He left us a gift card so we could head to the store for an after Christmas sale to hopefully find one.  

I didn't get what I wanted that year for Christmas but I will never forget that letter and thinking how cool it was that Santa, such a very busy man, had time to write us a letter on Christmas Eve.   

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and take time to spend it making making some amazing Christmas memories!  

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