Back to School

Kids are headed back to school  and ready to embrace another year of learning to read and write. We are taught at an early age to dress for success.  Each year tons of children get new school clothes to help them look their best and feel good about school.  New school supplies teach the child to be prepared and ready to get the job done.  Their new clothes and school supplies will help give them the confidence to meet their new teachers and find new friends.  They will also help give them the courage to take on the challenges of gaining knowledge year after year.  

Learning is a life-long process and doesn't just happen at school.  It is extremely important for parents to love their children and teach them about love.  Encourage your child to help other students and show appreciation for their teachers on a regular basis.  In order for a child to show love towards others, they must learn what love is and how love feels.   The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to teach your child about love because a person needs to embrace love to be willing to learn.  Teach your child to love their friends and teachers. Teach them to smile and laugh and have a positive outlook on life in order to inspire them towards greatness and be all that they can be.  Reward your child for good grades and their random acts of kindness throughout the school year. This will encourage them to continue the behavior and learn to love and spread love to everyone they meet. 

Take some words from Kid President and just Be Awesome!

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