A Celebration of Mom

If you are a Mother-to-be, 
a Mom or a Grandmother, 
this Celebration of Mom is for you!

Mother's Day is a time to show how 
much you appreciate the unconditional 
love and care your mother has given you
since the day you were born.  

A Mother's Love never fades no matter 
how young or old their children are. 

A mother's child is very special 
to her and she works 
hard day and night
to nurture and love her 

A Mother's Love is 
never ending no matter 
how young or old her children are.

Mother's are angels 
sent from God

 Mother's teach us to love 
one another so make sure you 
show mom how much
you appreciate her.

Holiday Headquarters 
would like to wish all 
Mother's to Be, Mothers 
and Grandmothers
a very Happy Mother's Day!

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