It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's starting to get chilly outside 
and in some parts of the 
world snow is already falling creating 
a wonderful Winter Wonderland 
just in time to get you 
in the Christmas spirit.  

Sleigh bells are ringing, 
 the snow is glistening, 
and everyone is busy getting 
ready for the holidays. 

Boughs of Holly are being hung, 
 Christmas Trees are being decorated 
and lights are shining 
brightly into the sky. 

People are dashing from 
store to store to shop for 
the perfect gift for that 
someone special in their life. 

Homes are filled with warmth
from a glowing fireplace
 and the Joy of the season 
has filled our hearts
as we enjoy the beauty 
we have created for the holiday

Children are laughing 
with excitement
and generosity 
and the spirit of giving
encourages us to love one 
another all year long.

It is truly the 
Most Wonderful 
Time of the Year 
 stop and enjoy 
the reason for the season. 

Happy Holidays
to you and your family
From Holiday Headquarters

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