Be Thankful

Be Thankful

As we watch so many things happening around us, 
it is often hard to stop and remember all the 
good we have in our lives that we can be thankful for.
Even if it is a warm place to curl up at night 
or someone to put a smile on your face each day. 

But this holiday is the perfect opportunity 
to recognize the good things we have.

The Thanksgiving holiday began when pilgrims and 
Native Americans gathered together to 
celebrate a successful harvest.  
It was held in the fall and was a three-day feast.  
Today, the custom continues as 
Americans and Canadians celebrate 
Thanksgiving to give thanks for all they have.  
The traditional feast includes a turkey along with 
other delicious sides and desserts.  

This Thanksgiving as you sit down with your family 
and friends to enjoy that delicious Thanksgiving Dinner 
don't forget to share with them the many things 
you are thankful for. 

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