Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway

Holiday Headquarters
 is having an
Easter Egg Hunt

Watch for Clues to
Find all the Easter Eggs
for a chance to pick a
Mystery Easter Egg
to reveal your winning prize!

There will be a total of
five Easter Eggs to
find that look like this.

Watch for the Clues to help you find the eggs!
Return to the blog and add a comment 
to the post with the
URL of where the Easter Egg was found 
and your email address.
Repeat this for each Egg, a total of five times.

Once you have found all Five Easter Eggs
Post a Comment on the Blog that says
"I love to Hunt Easter Eggs!"

Once the answers have been verified, 
you will be notified
that you can pick one of the five
mystery Easter Egg Prizes seen below!

There will be a total of five winners

Pick one of Five Mystery Easter Eggs to Reveal a Prize!

Contest Starts March 21 , 2013
and ends on Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winners and Winning Prizes will be revealed
on Good Friday, March 29, 2013

Anyone can play, but prizes can be shipped to
United States and Canada only

You won't be sorry!

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