On the 12th Day of Christmas

On the 12th Day of Christmas
My True Love Gave to Me 
Today's Featured Seller For me to See! 

Watch for clues throughout the day 
And Remember once you find the winning answer 
to come to this post and add two separate comments; 
One with the URL of the item from the seller's store
and one with the comment 
"I want to win the 12 Days of Christmas"
If you weren't able to complete the previous days,
you can view the previous posts for the clues to 
find those answers as well.
Good Luck and Have Fun!
Clue 1 
Just Follow the Sun 
to the Sunset 
for some blazing hot fun! 

Clue 2  
It looks like it belongs
in a jungle,
but it's not the 
king of the jungle!
Clue 3  
The guy who says 
"It ain't easy being Cheesy"
could help you

Clue 4 
She might help you 
find the answer and 
get you in the spirit of Christmas !

Clue 5  
Part of the name of this band 
ought to make you an Allstar!

 Based on these clues
locate the item in 
today's featured store 
using the link above.

Remember to return to this post
and leave two separate comments
1. with URL of the item
2. with a comment that says
"I want to win the 
12 Days of Christmas"

Good Luck

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  1. I want to win the 12 days of Christmas! This was so much fun! Thanks you for all your hard work and for being such great hosts!