Holiday Helpers

 Holiday Headquarters has teamed up with the Salvation Army in hopes of helping people in need.  
Many people are in need of the basic necessities of life - food, shelter, and warmth.

According to a study attempted by the United Nations in 2005, approximately 100 million people were homeless worldwide.  That is a staggering number of people who are living on the streets or in their cars or in homeless shelters.  

Holiday Headquarters asks you to please donate in hopes of giving someone a warm bed out of the cold to lay their head in this Christmas season!

Visit our Online Kettle by clicking on the link below to make a Donation that can Make a Difference in someone's life!


It's Time to Make a Difference!  
It's Time to Take a Stand!  
It's Time To Come Together, 
Time to Lend a Hand! 


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